Bio Colloidal Silver



Colloidal Silver Drops
❖ Safe & Effective
Effective against an enormous array of disease causing organisms; including bacteria, spirochetes, virus, fungus, parasites & more without harming healthy flora or damaging human tissue.
❖ Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial
The only immune system support formula proven to achieve 99.9999% (complete) kill against 660 microorganisms; including Borrelia burgdorferi*, Bartonella henselae*, Powassan virus*, Rhinovirus*, Legionella pneumophila*, Pseudomonas aeruginosa*, Salmonella bongori*, Candida albicans* & MRSA* as proven via in vitro, kill-time studies.

For thousands of years, silver has played an essential role in safeguarding human health. In fact, until 1938, colloidal silver was the preferred choice of physicians for empowering the immune system and stimulating the body’s innate healing processes.
Today, as more people embrace natural ways to maintain their health and well being, silver is experiencing resurgence in popularity. And Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver is leading the way. By developing technologically advanced refinements in the production of silver colloids, Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver delivers advantages no other manufacturer can match.

The Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver Difference
Actively Charged – As corroborated by several universities, Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver contains 96% positively charged silver particles [Ag(n)1+], making it at least 34 times more powerful than other brands.
Easily Absorbed – Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver’s unprecedented particle size of 0.8 nanometers (validated by Transmission Electron Microscopy) allows for easy absorption and excretion from the body.
Less is More – The smaller the particle, the greater the surface area and the higher the efficiency. That’s why even with a low concentration of 10 ppm, Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver is still much more effective than brands which contain up to 500 ppm!
Perfectly Safe – Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver is formulated to be safe for the whole family. Taken 7 times a day for 70 years, still falls below the EPA daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD).
99.999% pure – Global Transformation Longevity Colloidal Silver has only two ingredients: pure silver and distilled water. It does not contain added salts or proteins that render other silver products less effective. Plus, it is packaged in non-leaching glass bottles to guarantee purity throughout its shelf life.